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Seinfeld: Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander and Michael Richards.

At some point the show took a turn and became more like The Simpsons, in part perhaps because of the staffing cross-over.

Season 7

"The Doll" - Elaine gets pretty freaked out by it!!!  Also, Frank Costanza gets his own major subplot.  Keeping the crease in the pants, doing for pool what Happy Gilmore did for golf, with Charles Grodin, one of the Three Tenors, and Neidermeyer from Animal House makes a triumphant return.

Season 9

"The Bookstore" - Interesting cold opening with Kramer in Jerry's place.  Everything revolves around Brentano's in this episode.  Elaine gets re-taunted about her dancing, and one-ups herself with a 'drunken makeout' and Skanko-Roman wrestling; as it turns out, Elaine's better at fake relationships than real ones.  Uncle Leo gives us his theory on elderly people and shoplifting, and gets ratted out by Jerry (nice ode to Cape Fear).  Kramer and Newman go into rickshaws, and George gets a book attached to him like the proverbial yoke.  Love Newton?  To the Idiot-mobile!


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