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Kinda like It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, only in the sense that there's a large ensemble of comedians, but otherwise almost totally devoid of redeeming value.  Not showing it on cable, not worth looking up in the guide.  Unless you like to see a guy in the forest with a shovel and a roll of toilet paper; I'm wiping away a tear just thinking about it now.  Follows the ancient rule of Movie Combat that the bad guy with a machine gun (John Goodman as a Rambo-type named Duke Earle... get it?) always shoot just short of the good guys.  Well, it doesn't follow the rule so much as it shows how not to follow the rule.

I remember from some of the publicity of Brion James and Biff Manard playing brothers.  The Grunski brothers!  Not just brothers, but the Original Brothers from Hell!  I mean, we've all known a pair of brothers just like them at one time or another.  They were the only ones who were genuinely enthusiastic about the production.  Apparently they re-teamed of a sort on a film called Art Deco Detective but that's it.  Also they have similar camerawork as in Critters 2 for the point of view of a guy rolling down a hill, but the beginning of Sexy Beast will do just fine.

The end credits crawl very, very slowly, which might be okay for a good movie.


-so sayeth the Movie Hooligan

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