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In short, it's a retread of Patriot Games as if it were written by Edward Burns, except that the Sean Bean character has been replaced by Brad Pitt, and now the Sean Bean character is living in Ford's house instead of invading it.  I'll give a brief shout out to director Alan J. Pakula who sadly passed on after this picture, and master cinematographer Gordon Willis, who I can only assume is taking a much needed break.

It's standard Hollywood stuff, and if you're looking for a decent treatment of the IRA try Michael Collins or The Crying Game or, just about anything else.  How about Braveheart?  There are a couple scenes that stick in the craw of memory, though.  The big confrontation between Ford and Pitt is pretty good.  And ya gotta like the last scene (i.e. big scene) with Treat Williams and Brad Pitt.  I also liked the fact that Harrison Ford's cop character is almost a normal person.  He can hold his liquor with the best of them... well, almost, and he's not given any extraordinary movie cop situations to deal with.  The skirmishes he gets into seem more like what a cop might actually deal with in a given day.  But of course I'm coming from a non-cop perspective here; I'm probably wrong about that.

I don't really remember so much of what I disliked about the movie, except the final confrontation.  Obviously Brad Pitt didn't have a good Exit Strategy.  Harrison Ford taking the wheel of the ship was a Hallmark moment to be sure, which I believe was meant to symbolize the joys and the pains of fatherhood.  A grim reminder that it's a Hollywood picture.  As Alan Pakula used to say, "Don't deprive me of any riches."  He was a little deprived here, unfortunately.

So, the moral of the story is: Harrison Ford's character is Good Good, Brad Pitt is Bad Good, and Treat Williams is Bad Bad.  But don't worry, because Good Good always wins in the end.


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