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Another cautionary tale about what happens when you operate teleportation pods with outdated Windows software.  Seriously, this is a remake of the classic and with The Dead Zone probably one of Cronenberg's least obnoxious films.  Like 'Back to the Future' the premise is that one lone scientist is going to achieve a major scientific breakthrough, in this case teleportation of matter.  Bye bye, Teamsters!

The acting is top notch.  Jeff Goldblum is vintage as the lone wolf scientist who feels reborn after his first teleportation.  John Getz goes all over the map in a good role as the smarmy editor, ranging from the very suave to the very unglued, where he has, I confess to my shame, a pretty good punchline.  Some say he's the bad guy but he does have some last minute heroics in him.  Oops, gave it away!

For those of you who complain about films with bad endings, or too many endings, you gotta like this one.  In contrast to 'An American Werewolf in London' there is nothing tongue-in-cheek about the ending here.  It is a powerhouse downer ending, one of the best in recent memory, and again, all of you computer programmers out there take heed.  If you're tired of movies with happy endings, this is the one you have to see.

Opening credit sequence: Ripped off in Innerspace?

If it were made today: John Getz's character is actually a ghost.


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