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For those of you who had the feeling that someone's doing the thinking for Bush, this film should clear up any doubts.  Meet Karl Rove, political strategist for the Bushies, and occasionally for the Republican Party.  He's kind of a tricky man to get a hold of, not that you'd want to, anyway.  I haven't read the book, but in the documentary you'll get to meet its authors.

Broad strokes: We meet the man as a young boy, as a high school debate champion who used intimidation tactics even back then!  On through college, and as a protegé of Lee Atwater (check the photo of H. W. Bush and his way cool electric guitar!  Yikes!) and on and on hurtling towards the present day, and while the times had changed (I guess he wasn't old enough to go to Vietnam), the viewer may sense a roster of dirty tricks that gets hammered out in Rove's repertoire.  Rove is described as very smart, and implied as a man who is good at making friends and keeping them, especially if they're named Bush.  Or Novak.  Or if they work for the FBI.  None of them wanted to participate in this documentary, apparently.  A few of the people that Rove crossed over the years added their two cents, though.  But they're just losers, right?  One of them was a fellow college student of Rove who was the Vice-President of some Collegian Republican group, who got ousted by Rove.  And what is it about the Texas Agricultural Department that's so attractive to him?  A lot of people in this documentary end up saying "I don't know for sure that Rove did this, but..."

It's everything you need to know about Rove, and a little more.  Maybe a little too much.  Did he ever marry?  So many unanswered questions.  However, he has an ongoing relationship with the media, especially when planning events that distract from the issues in the heat of a campaign.  There are some clips from C-Span of Rove giving speeches, the usual partisan Republican stuff, with one notable exception: the assertion that the Republicans are the best party to take the lead on the USA's War on Terror.  The Republicans are also, apparently, the party with the best record on arming our troops.  Karl Rove has risen as far as a person can in political life without holding elected office and, given his great arsenal of friends and political tactics, and his great belief in our 'war' on Iraq, there is nowhere for him to go but down.


Good Double Bill with: Fahrenheit 9/11

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