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Not to be confused with 8 Million Ways to Die, but certainly may have been influenced by it.  At least 8 Million had a certain sense of showmanship.  And Rosanna Arquette.  Yowsah!!  Anyway, it can sometimes be a good exercise to see why a bad movie is a bad movie.  In this case I didn't find it to be a good exercise.  First of all, there's the Flash situation.  Now, normally I wouldn't mind seeing Joe Pantoliano getting killed in a movie, but strangely enough not here!  He plays a guy named Flash, an almost completely self-reliant man who unfortunately comes across a situation that he can't handle.  During his interrogation he gets shot in the leg once.  Then he gets shot in the leg again.  Then a different guy shoots him in the head; we thankfully don't have to see that, but the guy who shot him in the leg scolds the guy who shot him in the head.  Obviously they're new to this whole interrogation thing.  Anyway, before Flash got killed he made a phone call to a woman.  A guy named Boomer, the star of the picture, was in the car with Flash, and so now the woman who called Flash finds herself hitching her wagon to Boomer.  I already forget, she needs Boomer to make a phone call, something important like that.  Once they get into town they run into some more bad guys, and after cleaning their clocks Boomer says "You know what?  I think I've had enough of this.  I'm leaving."  And I thought, great idea.  Think I'll leave, too, because I realized, I don't care about this movie, and I don't care what happens to anyone in this movie.  Picture quality was good, though.  You'll never ever see a bad print of a movie like this, thank God.  It's out on DVD with director commentary, but I'll wait for when they find a way to transmit commentary over the cable waves.  Probably not for this movie, though.

Stars of note: Andre Braugher: try Thick as Thieves instead.  Natasha Henstridge: try The Whole Nine Yards instead.  Or Species 3. (available for a limited time at Costco)

Good double bill with: Lone Star State of Mind or Kill Me Later


-so sayeth the Movie Hooligan

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