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For starters, in the tradition of 'Kids' and 'Bully', director Larry Clark flaunts his trademark use of stories about young characters with full schedules of slacking, often living on the borderline of society.  In this case, there's no doubt which side of the border the main character is on.  With lots of hand-held photography to boot.  Hand-held photography, for those who don't know, signifies emotional turmoil.  In another director's hands, the script might have been ... un-Clark like.

Time of Transition: The film starts as we see Bobby (Vincent Kartheiser) in his current surroundings with girlfriend Rosie (Natasha Gregson Wagner) and another friend, when Bobby decides it's time for a lone crime Booty Call at the local college.  It almost goes according to plan save for a violent encounter with a very angry security guard who seems to take the crime a little too personally.  Bobby needs medical attention after this encounter and since he can't go to a legit hospital, in comes Mel (James Woods) who is a doctor of sorts, but more of a working-class criminal on the make, and Bobby ends up being the piece of the puzzle he's been looking for that brings his latest scheme to life.

Director's Doppelganger: Brent Briscoe as the heavily armed hick who tries to rip off James Woods and company, but not before Woods gets in a good redneck joke you probably won't hear from Jeff Foxworthy.  Or could it be veteran Clark company actor Leo Fitzpatrick?


-so sayeth the Movie Hooligan

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